About Us

Advanced Est. Overview

100% Saudi establishment in the field of sale, installation and maintenance of all automatic doors, windows and security doors in cooperation with major international companies specialized in these fields and the Foundation is keen to provide the latest technology to manufacture automatic doors and security system that provide the best quality and safety for its customers. Our products are characterized by (Durability, Quality, Easy to use , High security , Flexibility of options and solutions in installation and operation)

The institution is supervised by an administrative staff with a lot of experience in this field more than 25 years and a qualified technical staff by our international partners in the accuracy of installation, operation and after-sales maintenance.

The Foundation provides long-term guarantee on all its products in agreement with its all costumers to satisfy the users.

Our models are suitable for all types of different projects either government projects, security projects, real estate projects, commercial centers, markets, trade fairs, villas, private and individual palaces, airports and hospitals.

We always promise to communicate with you and will give priority to your opinions and ideas about quality products.