Aircraft hangers Doors

Aircraft hangars Doors

Sliding and Folding

It is a door to be installed on hangars in airports and military bases of strong insulated Steel sheets and can be installed after several ways as desired by the client or the consultant according to the engineering form of the iron building (Hanger shads ) operates automatically by a switch and the standards of all systems for safety, protection and withstands a very high wind speed Up to 180 km \ h

- The company installs the doors according to the exact international engineering methods in cooperation with its partners manufacturers and globally approved by the International Aviation Organization

Capron Italian company

PVC Sliding Hangers Doors

It is a large door are installed on aircraft hangars at airports or military bases or warehouses, large ships in the port rise to the highest factory of PVC With a very strong iron structure and withstand wind speeds up to 200 km / h with   certified testing  by internationally accredited laboratories are electrically operated with high quality motors with very high safety standards. Available in multiple colors and size as per desired by customers. Made by European industry.