Gates & Security Entrances

Hydraulic Road blocker Bumpers(K12)

It is a hydraulic bumper that is installed under the ground with high safety and resistance to collision holds the international certificate(K12). So multiple sizes starting from 2 meters - 6 meters and a speed of 2-4 seconds in the opening and closing used for security entrances, ministries, security agencies, hotels and airports etc.

 Turkish Made Arma Kontrol Company

Standard hydraulic security bumpers

It is a hydraulic bumper installed underground with high safety for different sizes from 2 meters - 6 meters and is opened in several ways either by the key or remote control used for security entrances to ministries and security agencies, hotels, airports etc.

Hydraulic Barrier / Fixed Barrier

It is a mobile hydraulic barrier made of Iron or stainless steel is installed in the entrance to the ministries, security authorities, airports, hotels and vital areas. those of various shapes and colors and models their collision resistance is certified by the international standard(K12). Made by Tukish Arma Kontrol.

Hydraulic barrier arm

It is a collision resistant hydraulic security barrier with very high durability. It is installed in ministries, embassies, airports, security authorities and Royal palaces. It is operated by a switch for security person or remote control. Available in Multiple size and colors according to customers' desire.

Made Poland From B&K

Hydraulic Road-Blockers

It is a bumper for roads and the entrance of hydraulic transmission does not need any civil works contain charging batteries in addition to the source of electricity and run the bumper in addition to a source of solar charging. Available sizes from 2-4 meters width and open up to 900 mm height in a time of 4 -6 seconds. Resistant to all external weather conditions and rains are easily transported or dragged by wheels are installed and removed easily Used for sites and entrance of Temporary security. These fenders feature high-precision safety sensors to protect vehicles and individuals while operating Turkish industry Arma Kontrol.

Hydraulic fork (Tire killer)

Hydraulic fork (Tire killer)

It is a hydraulic ground forks open up to 450 mm and a width of 1000 mm to 5000 mm It is a sharp and rigid used in security entrances, ministries, embassies and vital areas are operated on a power source 220 volts. Have 20 mm thickness and is installed underground with the work of a strong cement base. Made by Turkish industry ARMA Kontrol

Underground forks (Tire Killer)

- Underground forks, which is a forks are installed under the work of a concrete base is available in two sizes including the width of 1000 mm and 2000 mm with a height of 65 mm for the teeth from the surface of the ground and is very solid double teeth as we have underground forks with single teeth up to 4000 mm width of 70-90 mm For teeth.

Forks above the ground

It is a fork that are installed above the ground does not need to work civil one fork width of 500 mm.

Made by Turkish industry Arma kontrol