Road and Entrance Barriers

Automatic moving arm

It is a movable barrier arm of aluminum from 2 meters to 14 meters used in government and private entrances, airports and roads to regulate traffic and can be operated in several ways, whether by electric switch or magnetic card system or ground extensions on the road of compression vehicles. Made by European and American industry with high Quality according to costumer’s desire

Folding barriers

It is a folded wheeled barrier used for crowded areas of visitors and at the entrance controlled by security authorities made of galvanized Iron, stainless steel or aluminum in multiple Shapes and multiple lengths as desired by customers and government agencies and can be used manually or electrically Motorized and also operated by remote control.

Special parking barrier

It is a ground barrier for private parking for employees or individuals is operated by charging the battery and is opened and closed by the remote control and contain a lock to not tamper with it is lightweight and can be transported and used in other places by the client is considered independent of its own console and not be permanently fixed to any device. Arma Kontrol By Turkish made.

Security checkpoints barrier

It is an automatic barrier for individuals at the entrances of buildings, airports, stadiums, train stations and any crowded places for visitors to regulate the movement of customers and visitors. These are of various forms and models as desired by customers and are opened either by fingerprint or by special tickets for the occasion itself or flight cards or magnetic card or by a key through the organizer Movement and is installed to regulate the movement of entry and exit in different units and there are models of mechanical one-way only entry and exit

Turkish industry company Arma Control

Car Parking Systems

It is an advanced and modern system to regulate the entry or exit of cars in private parking, whether ministries, airports, Railway stations, private buildings, markets, commercial centers and the entry of cars with cards through the devices and is paid automatically or manually. In the positions to identify vacant positions and areas occupied by cars, which have a precise control by filming cars in the entry and exit and cameras deployed inside the building of the parking is controlled by monitoring through screens.