Roll-Up Shutter Doors

Roll-Up Shutter Doors

The doors are made of galvanized steel as well as aluminum and single and double segments insulated and resistant to all weather conditions and the possibility of painting all types with thermal paint powder coated

All colors (RAL) are available in these doors. These doors can be installed and operated manually, electrically or together. Using motors suitable for different sizes or according to the specifications prescribed by consultants or customers.

The slates of doors are different in sizes or according to customers' needs. The width of the Slates is from 70 mm-100 mm. The thickness varies from 0.7 mm to 1.2 mm for single slats. Insulated Slats shall be two slides, each slide from 0.6 mm - 0.8 mm for Steel and 1.2 mm for each slice of aluminum and thickness of Insulation 20 mm of polyethylene material to protect the heat and cold effects from outside.

Our doors are characterized by the presence of fire-resistant models up to 4 hours, whether single segments or isolated single or double insulated and approved by American standard (UL) In cooperation with our international partners. Always characterized by security doors where the institution has models of fast-resistant doors (Shutter) resistance to high wind speed, whether models of single or double segments isolated. Customers can choose the appropriate motor type for them from a range of models and types according to the size of the doors or according to customers' desire.

Color Systems

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Industrial doors

It is a high thickness door used for very wide area up to 12 meters.

It shall be of galvanized steel, whether single, insulated or insulated aluminum

They are installed for government buildings, warehouses, large showrooms and security agencies and side motors are installed on them with high capacity and the possibility of painting from thermal powder coated

Fire resistant doors

They are fire resistant doors up to four hours which is approved by (UL) American standard.

 They are available in single and insulated slats, used for all

Government agencies, buildings, warehouses etc. The motor used in these doors are side motor with chain system to close and open the doors in any case of emergency.  Approved by (UL) standard. It can be painted in all (RAL) colors.

Doors for Showrooms and commercial centers

It is a variety of doors used for trade fairs and commercial centers inside the mall and are either blind or perforated shutter doors, doors of galvanized Steel or aluminum grilles, transparent polycarbonate doors and often used for center motors except large doors are used side motor with manual system. Also available in all (RAL) Colors.

Doors Specially for villas and palaces

It is a specialized door for villas and palaces made of galvanized Steel thermally painted with a thickness of 0.5 mm multicolor and is electrically operated by the remote control and internal operating switch easy to install and use. Also can be used easily in the event of power outages or technical failures It is equipped with a lock in the center of the door for additional protection.